Whether it’s wandering through a market in the mountains of Tanzania, or searching out ‘hairy coos’ in the highlands, I am happiest in my hiking boots, defeated by unruly hair and desperate to know what’s around the corner.  I’ve worked in both the private and public sector with a focus on treading lightly on the planet, while being dazzled by all that Mother Nature has to offer. My knapsack is always half-packed, my passport sits anxiously by the door, and my camera is locked and loaded, ready for my next adventure.

Learning how to make chipatis in Mamma Mariam’s restaurant

When I’m not selfishly writing all about me, I’m also Assistant Editor of Eat Drink Travel Magazine. We eat, we drink, we travel. What else is there?

So Far I’ve been to Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Cuba, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe just long enough to fall over.

Want to drop me a line (or invite me on a grand adventure)? iam@wanderingoff.ca

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Michelle Holmes