Church for the Unholy – My Five Faves

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I am a heathen. I haven’t done the church thing since the days when my mom would haul my brother and I off to Sunday school so she could get a reprieve from lego wars and tinker toy battles. I’m not opposed to church going – I mean, who doesn’t love a good sing along while sitting on excruciatingly painful … Read More

Ethiopia?! Yes, Ethiopia. Right Now.

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Close your eyes for a second, and picture Ethiopia. What did you see?

I bet you three bucks you’re wrong. I’m willing to wage such high stakes given all the people that scrunched up their faces and went “Really, why would you want to go there?” as if I had blurted out that I wanted to visit downtown Baghdad. And I get it, I really had no idea what Ethiopia was either. I had the Bob Geldof songs in my head from the Live Aid efforts in the 80s, I’d seen the heartbreaking charity commercials that make you uncomfortably change channels. Dry, dusty, dismal.

Despite my impression of Ethiopia, I was still desperately curious and inexplicably smitten. Ethiopia had been whispering my name for years. I can’t explain it – my travel cravings have always been based on a gut feeling colliding with my insatiable curiosity. I just knew I had to see it.

Dancing the night away in Lalibela, Ethiopia

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I was doomed from the very first moment I saw him. So, I know. I’ve heard it plenty of times, from plenty of worried aunties and concerned friends. “You’ll end up in a snuff video” they say.  “We’re going to read about you in the news, and not in a good way,” they plead. But some things can’t be helped, … Read More