Ethiopia?! Yes, Ethiopia. Right Now.

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Close your eyes for a second, and picture Ethiopia. What did you see?

I bet you three bucks you’re wrong. I’m willing to wage such high stakes given all the people that scrunched up their faces and went “Really, why would you want to go there?” as if I had blurted out that I wanted to visit downtown Baghdad. And I get it, I really had no idea what Ethiopia was either. I had the Bob Geldof songs in my head from the Live Aid efforts in the 80s, I’d seen the heartbreaking charity commercials that make you uncomfortably change channels. Dry, dusty, dismal.

Despite my impression of Ethiopia, I was still desperately curious and inexplicably smitten. Ethiopia had been whispering my name for years. I can’t explain it – my travel cravings have always been based on a gut feeling colliding with my insatiable curiosity. I just knew I had to see it.

Travelling to Transnistria – Back in the U.S.S.R!

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Transnistria is a breakaway territory in eastern Moldova and the Canadian government says is not overly wise venture this far. The United Nations doesn’t recognize it. Basically, if all hell breaks loose, you’re on your own. Upon entering Transnistria, you have to fill out some paperwork – basically the same form twice, one for you, one for the extremely cantankerous looking Russian military guy with a gun. It comes with a stern warning – you have 8 hours to visit, any longer and you will be arrested.

My Love Affair With Moldova

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(Part Two of Three– there’s plenty to say about Moldova!) Moldova was an unexpected treat.  A beautiful tryst that swept me off my feet when I wasn’t paying attention (I was distracted by the wine.)  I’m prone to crushes when I travel – without fail, during each trip I am scooped up by two admirers – a man, and a … Read More

Twist My Arm – One More Glass of Wine in Moldova

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(Part One of Three– there’s plenty to say about Moldova!) I had a hunch when the itinerary said I’d be in a wine cellar at 9am the following day that this was going to be good. I had no idea. Welcome to Moldova. I’ll be honest – I had no idea what a Moldova was. A sweet dessert? An astronomical … Read More

Shark Attack! Exploring Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

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I have been cursed with two things in my life. Parents who let me watch Jaws when I was far too young, and friends who embrace this fact. I have a serious, irrational fear of sharks. Not just the “stay away from bitey sharp-toothed beasts” common sense sort of fear, but the sort of terror that haunts my dreams and … Read More