Photo Friday – Give Peace a Chance

Wow, it’s been a bonkers week, hasn’t it? Between a mayor who’s gone crackers and the plain old fact that it somehow turned into November, I managed to polish off a giant year-long to do list and pet a shark. And, according to my big fat liar of a driver’s license, I aged an entire year. Time for a bit of rest!

Given the crazy pace we keep, it becomes more and more important to find those moments that shut off all the noise. Whether it’s as simple as a cup of tea on the back deck, or sitting atop a mountain, jaw agape at the view before you, just a bit of time to take a breath is essential. Otherwise, we become a big piece of crazy too.

So, to balance out my bananas week, I’d like to share with you a few of my favourite ways to take that breath, to find that peace:

End up in the middle of no where, the further out you go, the less likely your phone will buzz.

Cell service sucks in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Thank goodness.

Splish splash. There’s something oh so calming about water (as long as I’m not rafting it, or swimming with crocs…)

Despite the part where my kayak dumps me out at every opportunity, it’s my happy place.

Sneak up on something: You can’t think about your to do list when you’re creeping up on critters. ¬†Sure, you’re a thousand times bigger than they are, but you can pretend they don’t see you.

This pre-monarch butterfly was just showing off.

Let Mamma Nature distract your from the lunacy – you can’t worry about the enormous laundry pile while your jaw is busy being dropped.

You’re not trying to remember if you paid the phone bill while having a staring contest with this guy.

Drag a friend along. Better yet, get them to drag you to their favourite haunt.

While I have been to Ottawa a bazillion times, it was up to the lovely Paul to show me his fave hiking spot.

Get lost. I can’t emphasize this enough – wander off. ¬†Immerse yourself in something completely unknown, whether it’s that restaurant you’ve been curious about, a neighbourhood you’ve not strolled through yet, or a spontaneous weekend getaway. Off with you! Go discover something!

Wandering down a random path in Elora, I interrupted this romantic moment. It left me giggling all day.

What do you do to find peace? Do you have a favourite place you can run to and unwind?

Rants, raves, kudos? Happy to hear it. Remember, sharing is caring!