Photo Friday – What happens in Amsterdam…

No body knows what you’ve been up to in Amsterdam.

One of the things I like best about travel is that you leave everything behind when you venture beyond the comfort of your home. No one to watch and judge you, none of the everyday life worries, and a whole different set of consequences if you screw up – the forgotten phone bill vs. drinking the local water. ┬áIt allows you to embrace something very special – the inner sense of curiosity and need to shed whatever’s been cramping your style.

When travelling in Africa, I wear brightly coloured dresses that I’d never wear at home. My hair might try a new stunt. I might sing out loud (much to the dismay of anyone within earshot and dogs for miles around.) It’s incredibly liberating. I suspect that’s why Amsterdam is so groovy – it lets people grab onto something they might be wondering about – be it a special brownie or a new dance partner. No one will bat an eye at you simply because they are doing the very same thing. Amsterdam accepts you with open arms. Or legs. (Sorry, I couldn’t help it.)


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