Ethiopia?! Yes, Ethiopia. Right Now.

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Close your eyes for a second, and picture Ethiopia. What did you see?

I bet you three bucks you’re wrong. I’m willing to wage such high stakes given all the people that scrunched up their faces and went “Really, why would you want to go there?” as if I had blurted out that I wanted to visit downtown Baghdad. And I get it, I really had no idea what Ethiopia was either. I had the Bob Geldof songs in my head from the Live Aid efforts in the 80s, I’d seen the heartbreaking charity commercials that make you uncomfortably change channels. Dry, dusty, dismal.

Despite my impression of Ethiopia, I was still desperately curious and inexplicably smitten. Ethiopia had been whispering my name for years. I can’t explain it – my travel cravings have always been based on a gut feeling colliding with my insatiable curiosity. I just knew I had to see it.

Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation – Fun With Mucus

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A few months ago I got elephant snot on my arm.  Normally, any sort of mucus in my general vicinity is quite appalling. I can’t even stand to be around myself when I have a little sniffle. But in this case, I was pretty impressed about it all.  An elephant, in all her majestic elephant glory, had just chosen me to … Read More

Dancing the night away in Lalibela, Ethiopia

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I was doomed from the very first moment I saw him. So, I know. I’ve heard it plenty of times, from plenty of worried aunties and concerned friends. “You’ll end up in a snuff video” they say.  “We’re going to read about you in the news, and not in a good way,” they plead. But some things can’t be helped, … Read More

Taking a Dip in the Devil’s Pool

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“I’m going to murder you in your sleep,” growled Rhonda.  Normally, my travelling sidekick is a rather nice girl. Kind even. Apparently I had crossed a line. “Oh come on, it’ll be fun! What could possibly go wrong?”  She peered over the edge of the 100m high cliff, the bottom of the gorge shrouded in a mist of spray, and … Read More

Sneaking Out After Dark in Kenya

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It was my second night in Africa, and I was twitchy excited. We were nestled in our tents, a mere stone wall preventing wild animals from chewing our necks open while we slept. Critters rustled about, dogs barked. “This is ridiculous” I thought, why on earth are we bothering with sleep when there’s an entire Africa out there to be … Read More