My wishlist is as long as the line up at the airport check out counter in Zanzibar. ┬áHere are a few ideas that I hope will inspire – if I can’t get there yet, maybe you can!

One thing I firmly believe in, and am ashamed to say haven’t yet fully embraced, is knowing where you’re from before you go. When you’re wandering the streets of an unfamiliar village with a flag patch sewn into your backpack, you have to remember that you are representing where you are from. People will ask about how your place compares to theirs. So have some good answers, from “the town I grew up in has a giant cow statue welcoming visitors” to “We invented peameal bacon. You’re welcome.”

So my wishlist involves a bit more of Canada. Vangroovy whispers my name. My VW Beetle twitches in anticipation of our next road trip. This summer I’ll be roaming the streets of St. John’s Newfoundland. I want to see the big skies of the Canadian prairies. I’d love to sneak up on a polar bear.

I’ve made the terrible discovery that New Orleans is merely 18 hours away by car. Why on earth am I still here?

Apparently Belize has a little island that I must see, Caye Caulker – the food, the music, the jewel coloured waters are calling out to me.

Really, anywhere with nooks and crannies, something unusual, a riot of colours, and some trouble for me to get into – that’ll do. Can I go now?